Everybody is responsible for their own motivation and participation. With this awareness I can help you to:
Create your life
Become clear about your goals
Transform negative emotions
Break the habits
Heal depression,addictions, weight loss
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Health Coach...............Health coaching is a relatively new field of practice where a health professional is focusing on assisting clients to successfully reach their physical improvements and health related goals. Working as trustworthy guide offering a dynamic process of change and growth to achieve optimal health through addressing any imbalances caused by lack of exercise, relaxation, stress, injuries, unhealthy lifestyle, relationships, improper nutrition.

Client-centered health coaching techniques to promote behavior change

Elevate Hypertension

Effective methods for Cardiovascular Disease

Effective methods for coaching clients with Cancer.

Basic Exercise Science & Physical Activity

Effective methods for Obesity

Effective methods for Orthopedic Conditions

There are numerous ways of dealing and succeeding with health issues, however, all starting with the 6 pillars of health









Exercise Or Movement


Community, Connection, Love.


Professional Massage Therapy, ABMP

Hypnotherapy - Self-Hypnosis - Self-Management

Hypnosis is a natural state that each of us has the ability to enter and journey into the:
Subconscious mind with awake state
State of relaxation
Ultimate display of self-control.
Exercise your mind

Mandala Art with Meditation

Mandala Art with Meditation is a form of expressive therapy that uses different art materials, such as drawing pencils, water colors, acrylics, oil paints…….The mandala originates in Buddhism and it has deep connection with spirituality.

Mandala Art with Meditation combines art expressive therapy, music and writing, as well as deep understanding of different aspects of the creative, spiritual process and symbolic communication. A person will spontaneously gain deeper understanding of themselves and their nature which is caring unlimited potentialities in all levels. It leads to a personal transformation and fulfillment.

Mandala Art with Meditation is very effective and creative process to: